Friday, April 08, 2005

"Kyoto Effect" Boosts European Renewable Energy Stocks

London, England [] New Energy Finance's Global Energy Innovation Index (GEIX) has completed the first quarter since its launch. GEIX tracks the performance of the largest 50 pure-play quoted renewable and low-carbon energy technology companies worldwide.
"It's too early to tell whether the very marked 'Kyoto Effect' is a one-off, or whether it will drive a sustained divergence in the value of new energy stocks in Kyoto and non-Kyoto countries," said Michael Liebreich, CEO/Founder of New Energy Finance
Although as a whole the index is up only 0.25% since the beginning of the 2005, a closer analysis of the fund shows what the company believes is very significant "Kyoto Effect," based on the recently enacted national policy to control global emissions of carbon dioxide.

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