Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, New Hopes, New Rythms!

During the Christmas season, the Financial Times published a remarkably good editorial on climate change which outlines very clearly the challenges and hopes for 2007.

Meanwhile, I am very happy because I received as a Christmas present a great CD called Rythms del Mundo - Cuba. The CD includes music by the likes of Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and Dido, but adapated to include a Cuban son rythm. It also includes the last recording by Cuban legend Ibrahim Ferrer.

No, I haven't gone off topic....this is still relevant, and a rare opportunity for me to write about something very different from policy!

Sales of the CD will help to fund projects of a new climate change charity - Artist Project Earth.

Some of the tracks on the album are great (with the possible exception of one track, which really doesn't work well for me), and mild criticism of this CD that I read on magazine Songlines was definitely undeserved.

The alarming thing I did notice however was that there is no information on climate change in other languages besides English. This CD is likely to sell well in Spanish speaking countries so not having a translation was a missed opportunity to reach new audiences.